I am a candidate for the EATCS council. To ensure its excellence I want to focus on the following.

  1. Transparency and outreach.
  2. Just by comparing the style of the two webpages EATCS and ACM I see room for improvement. It is even not clear to me in which conferences the EATCS is/was involved in 2021.
  3. Promoting excellent seminars.
  4. Due to covid many seminars started experiencing with their format (online/recording/hybrid). It would be good if EATCS would promote some of the upcoming seminars, e.g. in the style of this. This is both helpful to our community and to point other communities to our best work.
  5. Open access to papers talks etc.
  6. This should be standard.
  7. Environment and green policies.
  8. There is a lot to be discussed here but it is hard to draw the line. I believe that we should focus on concrete ideas, like: asking participants to bring old badges to the conferences; bring your own coffee/tea cup; or having vegeterian meals by default. I do not like ideas like giving "green badges" for using the train instead of the plane (no one wants to wear such badges). I am also not in favor of having special sessions on conferences about the environment (I don't think its the right time and place and it might be even discouraging). Discussing this during bussiness meetings seems more appropriate.
  9. Zoom karaoke with Artur.